Industrial Engineering PhD

Coordinator: prof. Giovanni Mengali


Administrative Office: Department of Civil and Industrial Engineering (DICI)University of Pisa

The PhD is the highest level of education provided by italian academic system and it offers the skills necessary to carry out high quality research activities at universities and public or private entities. The degree program has a normal duration of three years. The PhD academic year starts on November the 1st and ends on October the 31st. The University encourages the participation of foreign students and relationships with the socio-economic and productive system.

The PhD Program in Industrial Engineering is divided into five different curricula, to take into account the vastness, variety and complexity of the theoretical, methodological and experimental research themes it contains. The common objective of the different curricula is to train experts with a high scientific profile, able to operate in the research and development of various areas of Industrial Engineering. The curricula are differentiated in terms of characterizing research subjects such as structures and aerospace materials, fluid dynamics, flight mechanics, space propulsion (curriculum in Aerospace Engineering), application of nuclear technology, safety methodologies and environmental protection (curriculum in Nuclear Engineering and Industrial Safety), chemistry and materials, sustainable development, safety and optimization of systems, energy production processes with renewable energy (curriculum in Chemical Engineering and Materials Science), advanced planning, experimentation, production, management, life extension or recycle of machines, plants and mechanical systems (curriculum in Mechanical Engineering), project, experimentation, building and employment of terrestrial vehicles and transport systems (curriculum in Engineering of Vehicles and Transport Systems).

Information on student selection and admission can be found in the section PhD Students (for students educated in Italy and students educated abroad). At the beginning of their 1st year, PhD students have to choose their curriculum and one or more tutors. Moreover, each student has to present a research project, that must be approved by the Curriculum Council. At the end of each year, PhD students have to present their activities and results to the Curriculum Council: the quality of their research is evaluated and the Coucil may admit them or not to the next year.

Furthermore, PhD students must attend courses, at least for 60 hours in their 1st year, among those offered by the “Leonardo da Vinci School of Engineering” or by the University of Pisa. The courses to be joined are chosen by each student together with the tutor(s) and must be approved by the Curriculum Council. Students usually attend international conferences and schools. Research stages at other Universities or Research Centers in Italy and abroad are strongly encouraged.

The PhD degree in Industrial Engineering is given, normally after three years, in recognition of the acquired knowledge and of the high level and originality of the carried out research activities, and upon the presentation of a written thesis, usually written in English.